Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common things we get asked and our answers…


1. Will my card details/address be safe?

We use paypal, a trusted and very secure payment method. We never see your card details, only confirmation from paypal via e-mail that you’ve paid. We don’t share your address/contact details with anyone, ever.

2. What happens if my order is damaged or goes missing?

Well, firstly let us know. Either call 01394-383843 or e-mail We will either re-despatch or fully refund you.

3. Does my olive delivery need refrigeration?

Only after you’ve opened it. Keep them covered in the fridge at 0-5 deg celcius and consume within 10 days. Prior to opening observe the use by date and store in the cool and dark. If you don’t have a cool dark pantry, keep them in the fridge!

4. How will my delivery be packed?

We pack our olives in vac bags. The smaller ‘retail packs’ as photographed for this site arrive as per the photos, though the actual packaging can change without notice as we re-design etc. The larger bag sizes arrive just ‘vac bagged’. Our Black Dog Chili Co products arrive in jars for the 220-240gm and 500ml sizes and a plastic pail for the 1 litre size. Herbyvores herbs and spices arrive in a vac bag. We pack everything in the shipping box as robustly as possible, especially the hand painted ceramics!

5. Herbyvores, do my herbs and spices need special storage?

Herbs and spices lose their flavour and colour over time. You can avoid some of this by storing in airtight opaque containers.

6. I want a herb/spice I can’t see on your web site. Can you get me some?

Usually yes we can, though some of the really unusual stuff may have a larger minimum quantity than you were expecting.

7. I want an olive marinade made just for me that isn’t listed on your web site, what can you do?

If you contact us we’ll be pleased to talk about any individual requirements you may have.

8. I want to buy your products from a normal shop, where is my nearest stockist?

Drop us a line with your post code and we’ll tell you the nearest stockist to you.